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The unique combination of thermal resistance, thermal mass, acoustic and fire properties make building with Hebel® a smart choice for meeting Australia’s building regulations. For commercial and industrial construction, the Building Code of Australia (BCA) details regulations covering energy efficiency, fire resistance and acoustics, across a broad range of building classes.


Energy Efficiency

BCA Vol. 1 Section J covers energy efficient construction requirements. The goal of Section J is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the efficient use of energy in buildings.
Hebel® has exceptional thermal insulation properties whencompared to alternative building materials. Hebel® Panels have significantly greater R-Value than pre-cast concrete, concrete masonry, brickwork and claddings such as fibre cement and sheet steel.


Fire Resistance

The BCA details comprehensive fire safety building requirements. Hebel® panels are non-combustible and Hebel® External Walls, Spandrel and Fire Tunnel Systems achieve FRLs up to 240 minutes. Refer to the system design and installation guides for detailed fire performance ratings and certificates.



The BCA generally classifies commercial/industrial buildings into class 5, 6d, 7b, 8, 9a and 9b and with the exception of intertenancy walls, acoustic performance requirements for these are not currently stated in the BCA. Local councils and client specific requirements generally drive construction materials and systems to meet specific levels of acoustic performance. Hebel® has worked closely with acoustic experts and testing authorities to engineer, inherently superior acoustics from its systems. Below are the acoustic ratings for Hebel® panels. Refer to the system design and installation guides for system performance details.


External Walls

Hebel® has developed external wall systems for commercial applications ranging from low rise industrial/commercial developments to high rise offices or medium density residential buildings. Hebel® panels are installed vertically or horizontally to steel or concrete structural framing as a non-loadbearing cladding.


Internal Wall

Hebel® internal wall systems provide a solid, slender, non-loadbearing wall for use in commercial applications such as around toilets and offices or between industrial units as a fire wall. The systems consist of 75mm, 100mm or 125mm PowerPanels™ connected to slabs or steel frames. Hebel® internal wall systems are installed very quickly and can provide a fire rating of up to 4 hours.


Intertenancy Wall

Hebel® intertenancy wall systems provide cost-effective, slender walls which are quick to install. These walls with a solid masonry element provide acoustic performance that meets or exceeds BCA requirements. Hebel® intertenancy walls are primarily used for party walls as well as corridor, shaft and general internal walls in commercial construction.


Cinema Wall

The Hebel® Cinema Wall system consists of two panels supported by a structural steel frame with insulation placed between the panels. The system meets the current requirement for acoustics for cinema operators and can be constructed quickly when compared to plasterboard and masonry wall systems currently available. The system is also able to be constructed before the roof is installed.


Spandrel Wall

Hebel® Spandrel Wall can be used where there needs to be a fire separation from one floor to the one above/below. The wall consists of 75mm Hebel® PowerPanel™ and steel columns at a maximum of 3m centres. The 3 metre long PowerPanel™ is equivalent in area to 22.5 concrete blocks making installation quick & easy. Significant savings in labour and construction time can be achieved for your project.


Fire Tunnel

The Hebel® Fire Tunnel system utilises the great fire characteristics of Hebel® by having the walls made of 125mm Hebel® panels supported by a steel frame and a Hebel® ceiling panel which encloses the fire tunnel. By utilising the same product to construct the walls and the ceiling and having the same contractor constructing both elements, the process is simpler and quicker than conventional methods.


PowerFloor™ and FloorPanel

Hebel® has developed flooring systems for a wide range of commercial applications. Hebel® Powerfloor™ consists of 75mm steel-reinforced panels installed over steel or timber joists to give an excellent, solid base for just about any floor covering. Hebel® FloorPanel is made up of steel-reinforced panels (150mm – 250mm thick) supported by a steel or concrete support frame with a ring anchor around every panel to hold it in position.



Hebel® SoundBarrier™ is a highly effective acoustic barrier that produces significant reductions in noise levels such as those emanating from roads, freeways and rail corridors. Hebel® SoundBarrier™ panels are available in 4 standard thicknesses that provide sound reductions of up to 43db. Other panel sizes can be made to order if greater noise reduction is required. SoundBarrier™ walls can be further enhanced by the addition of decorative post treatments, capping, routed patterns or by affixing featurework to the face to create an attractive design.


Finishing Systems

Hebel®, in conjunction with Dulux® Australia has developed a selection of finishing systems designed to specifically suit Hebel® products and systems. For full details including surface preparation and application instructions, please refer to the Hebel® High Performance Coating Systems brochure, available from www.hebelaustralia.com.au


Download Hebel Commercial / Industrial Brochure from the Hebel website.


The Building Supply Company / Building Innovation Centre has been involved with the development of commercial and industrial building using Hebel since 1987 and is one of the original distrubutors of the quality products. We provide supply only and supply and install services.


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