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Designed for Future Living

After 60 years of European engineering and 2 decades of Australian innovation, the benefits of building your new home with Hebel® are more compelling and more affordable than ever.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, comfortable and energy efficient home that has a lower impact on our environment compared to standard masonry, ask your builder to make your new home a HebelHome.

In Australia, there are two basic methods of building homes. The first and most common is the framed construction method, traditionally used for brick veneer over a timber frame. The second is the solid, or loadbearing construction method, generally used for double brick or block homes. Whichever method you choose for building your home, Hebel® has the systems to suit.

HebelHome uses steel reinforced panels in the walls and floor for framed construction that provides comfort and energy savings as well as a beautiful rendered look at an economical cost.

HebelHome Platinum uses solid blocks that cater for frameless, loadbearing construction for homes with
exceptional performance.

Hebel® is the only residential cladding material to have been endorsed by the Good Environmental Choice Australia Label*. *as at May 2010



HebelHome combines clean architectural lines with your choice of contemporary colours and textures to create a stylish, modern character for your new home.

Hebel® has worked closely with leading coatings manufacturers to develop a range of finishing options from full acrylic systems to high build renders and textures designed specifically to complement the HebelHome™ wall surface.

You can also express your individual style and create a truly unique home with Hebel Accent™, which allows you the design freedom to achieve architectural and artistic effects. Incorporate Hebel Accent™ routed panels as a design feature or for your complete facade. Choose from five modern architectural designs.



The thermal and acoustic insulation properties of Hebel® Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) can significantly improve the comfort in your new home. The Hebel® panels used in HebelHome have up to 5 times the thermal resistance of a standard house brick and the 250mm Hebel® Blocks used in HebelHome Platinum have 11 times the thermal resistance.

Your HebelHome™ will maintain a more even temperature so you can be more comfortable in summer and winter with lower reliance on heating and cooling appliances. Enjoy a more comfortable living experience and save on energy costs at the same time.

For a quieter living experience in 2 storey homes, installing a solid Hebel® PowerFloor™ in your HebelHome™ can make your living experience more tranquil by noticeably reducing noise between floors. When used on raised ground floors, Hebel® PowerFloor™ can also improve the thermal performance of your home.

HebelHome Platinum incorporates the ultimate in flooring. Hebel® Floor Panels up to 250mm thick eliminate the need for timber or steel framing and provide exceptional acoustic performance between floors. Also, the exceptional thermal insulation properties can dramatically improve the home’s energy efficiency, with four times the thermal resistance of concrete.

And you can breathe easy knowing that Hebel® is a non-toxic building material with no risk of gas emissions.



The low bulk density of Hebel® means that less than a quarter of the resources and raw materials are used in its production than for other masonry products.

Hebel® has been independently assessed by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) as having significantly reduced environmental loads (more than 60% in many cases) compared with alternative building materials. As a result, Hebel® is proud to have been awarded the GECA Label for each of its products and systems.

To qualify for the GECA endorsement, Hebel® products and systems needed to show significantly reduced environment loads of at least 30% over their life-cycle.

By choosing Hebel® you can feel good in the knowledge that you have chosen a building material that has a lower impact on our environment compared to standard masonry.


Peace of mind

With a HebelHome you will have greater peace of mind knowing that Hebel® won’t burn and all Hebel® systems meet the stringent standards of the latest Australian Building Standard for extreme bushfire risk areas.

Hebel® is backed by CSR, one of Australia’s largest and most respected building materials companies. Hebel’s focus on innovative, environmentally responsible building systems has earned it an enviable reputation with architects, builders and homeowners.

If you are contemplating managing your own project as an owner-builder you will find that Hebel® systems are easy to understand and install.

If you want to know more about Hebel® visit hebelaustralia.com.au where you will find design and installation guides, technical details, videos, brochures and contact details for your local Hebel® distributor.


Download the HebelHome Brochure from the Hebel website.


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