RMAX ThermaWallPlus

ThermaWallPlus is a new generation external panel technology that combines exterior cladding with insulation, enabling projects to achieve the critical five star energy rating requirement for insulation, contributing to sustainable building practises.

The ThermaWallPlus insulation core of high quality polystyrene is reinforced for strength and durability, producing a lightweight, easy to use panel, able to withstand everyday backyard knocks.
ThemaWallPlus products are suitable for traditional building applications as well as opening opportunities for new designs and building techniques.

ThermaWallPlus are lightweight panels quickly and easily cover external walls. ThermaWallPlus insulates and clads in one easy operation, and due to the ThermaWallPlus's lightweight they can be installed by one person, making it safer and easier for second story installations.


For more information about ThermaWallPlus which can be purchased from the Building Innovation Centre and The Building Supply Company, please call us on 1300 889 826‎ or complete the enquiry form below.